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Fraugruber craft brewing

In the winter of 2016, the two Augsburgers, Enzo Frauenschuh and Matthias Gruber, founded FrauGruber Brewing (FRAUenschuh + GRUBER = FrauGruber) and brewed their first beers as Gipsy Brauer (wage brewer) in spring 2017 in the Old Factory in Gundelfingen. Within the next 3 years, FrauGruber managed to permanently export her beers to over 20 countries. 

It is important for them to have the greatest possible influence on technology and the raw materials used. Regionality is a big issue for them, which is why they have their own brewing barley of the Steffi and Marthe variety grown by 4 farmers who are friends and then malted by a nearby malt house.

All this effort is essential for them to turn FrauGruber beers into FrauGruber beers, simply FRAUGRUBERLICIOUS!

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