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Isthmus Brewing Company

Hailing from Auckland's isthmus, husband-and-wife team Hamish Ward and Caroline Muller-Ward are behind Isthmus Brewing Company.


Between starting a young family, renovating their home and working other jobs, the pair have managed to grow a successful business, delighting discerning drinkers with their unique and flavoursome craft beers. 

Rising stars on the craft beer scene, they now have a string of beer awards behind them, a testament to their hard work and creative talent for producing exceptional brews.

Originally established in 2012, the company took a wee hiatus due to the couple's other commitments, before bursting back on the scene in 2018 with a new portfolio of exciting beers.

With the motto "Flavour first", they focus on creating brews that the customer wants to drink repeatedly.

They shy away from using flavourings or other additives and prefer to bring their flavour solely from the brewing method.

They use a combination of traditional and modern brewing techniques.

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